What shape are your thoughts?

If your feelings of delight, or empowerment, fear or sorrow were given concrete form, what might they look like?

Inside each body sprawls the desert of the mind.
An ever-changing internal topology, studded with land marks, swept clean or flooded by weathers of thought and mood.

These rolling dunes are punctuated with strange grammar:
the biting mouths of despair,
jagged cliffs of anxiety,
exultant trunks of purpose and power,
oozing slugs of low energy,
a sprouting garden of fresh ideas…

Becky Richards presents a new body of experimental ceramic work, bound together through simple, spatial logic. Her research is led by material processes, and follows a continuous flow between the world of the mind and the realm of matter – fulfilling both her inherent need to make things, and the necessity of keeping herself happy and well.