How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change

// Opening Wednesday 3 March 2010, 6pm
// Exhibition runs from Thursday 4 March until Saturday 20 March 2010

“A multi-disciplinary state-specific project ‘How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to Global Change’ aims to collect a vast understanding channeled through the notion of the term ‘kiwi’, in reference to the fruit, a bird or a human. Using your collective thoughts, feelings and ideas we intend to shed a humorous light on the heated, worldwide debate of change. By responding to the question on the project postcard: ‘What does Kiwi mean to you?‘ we encourage individuals to engage in associations and interpretations in the form of thought-provoking, creative responses whether it be in writing, drawing or otherwise; voicing your personal comments, opinions, or suggestions.” – M.B.&B.K.

Metod Blejec and Barbara Kanc are Slovenian artists, currently based in London.