Ana Carmela Garcia
16th February – 12th March 2022

“In the archive there is a specific temporal dilemma: it is the idea of beginning in the past, in the present, with a voice that is now.”

Jo Melvin, “Notes on inscription: tangential and awry archive stories” in The Archive, 
The Event and its Architecture, ed. Lucy Gunning, The Wordsworth Trust, 2007, 47-48

We must ask ourselves, where does one’s life end and a practice begin? And should it?

Through an archival process, the mundane and ordinary objects and instances from a migrant’s life are collected and sorted, allowing pause and space for new meaning to shine through. In collaboration with RM’s rich archive of previous shows alongside Ana Garcia’s own migrant archive, the audience is invited to reencounter the past, question, ask and learn. With eyes of the present and feet toward the future, we can once again enter the moments that pass swiftly, renewing their significance for ourselves today. 

Being equally an artist and a migrant, Ana’s life experiences from birth to present, feed into the lifeblood and core of her practice. They form both her life as she knows it today and the license to then critique its social contexts. In recent years, many have come to realize the importance of moments of pause and reflection in our lives. This is where we re-encounter ourselves, where we can see in a new light, the significance of our daily actions, where we sit within the frameworks of our society and our place in the world.