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7-31st July 2021
Opening event 7th July, 6pm

Kate van der Drift, Teresa Peters, Shelley Simpson, Kathryn Tulloch
From things flow

Shelley Simpson, RUST, Fe2O3·nH2O, FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3 digital SEM image, 2021

From things flow is a collection of works, unravellings, experiences and events that query the concept of agency both within and without our bodies.

Kate van der Drift, Teresa Peters, Shelley Simpson and Kathryn Tulloch are artists working with materiality, processes and temporality. Using an expanded notion of the gallery space which reflects the RM kaupapa of ‘the potentials of an empty room – a space to gather, to think, to talk, to make, to share…’,  the work itself will be created in or evolve within the gallery. In this lively, activated space-come-lab, the artists will bring in elements of transition, evolution and participation both within the material concerns informing their practices, and with people in the space participating in formal and informal happenings. 

Kate van der Drift’s time based and cameraless works are created by submerging film (sheet and super 8) in lightproof holders to the waters and sediment of the Piako River.  A durational accretion created by the action of water and reaction with the sensitive filmic substrate.  Forming and unforming lumen prints will be exposed to light and continue to develop over the course of the show.

Teresa’s rhizomic installations and pseudo archives are made up of small curious earth-born entities in clay and ceramic. She explores ceramics as an alchemical matrix, extending naturally to geomorphic evolution and rupture as the mother of revolution. From corals to volcanoes to the quartz in your mobile phone. Her earth bodies and digital archive will evolve during the show – breaking ground and exploring entropic transformations.

Shelley’s exploration of iron continues her investigation of the alive-ness of metal and the ways in which materials are dense with stories. By co-opting the industrial process of electroforming and of scientific imaging, she asks how we can shift our anthropocentric position to one that considers the liveliness of others.

Kathryn uses processes and materials involved in painting and cooking as a means to re-connect to ecological layers between our experience of earthly material presence and human production. Remnants and ephemera from the opening events activity will be present for the duration of the show.


From things flow workshops and events

Opening event, July 7th 6-6.20pm
This event offers a momentary activity to re-experience our relationship to the nutrient cycles that go on around us. It centres around the activity of eating a layered pile of small, fresh, soft green leaves, dried seeds, fermented goods, down to warm cooked and baked materials. Bowls have been made out of freshly collected compostable takeaway bags, plates and containers that have been washed, boiled, blended, strained and remoulded for this event.

Quartz Sound Journey
Sunday July 18th 4 – 5pm
Continuing to explore the transformative powers of quartz – Teresa invites you to experience a crystaline sound journey that will resonate right down to a cellular level. Our sound healer works with the vibrations of quartz and alchemic ceramic bowls to take you on a transformative journey. Come share this special experience and good vibes.
15 person limit 
Location: RM Gallery
RSVP via email to info@rm.org.nz

Copper Electroplating and Lumen Print Making Workshop
Saturday July 24th 1- 4pm
In this double workshop, participants will work with two transformational processes, electroplating an organic object, and also creating a lumen print. Kate will begin the session by introducing lumen photography, and set up participants with a print to develop over the remaining time of the day. While the print is exposing, Shelley will explain the electroplating process and take participants through coating an object with conductive graphite paint and then electroplating the object using copper. The workshop will conclude with the lumen prints being fixed to reveal the final image.

Lumen printing is a cameraless photography process using sunlight to expose objects on photographic paper.

Electroplating is the process of coating an object with a metal, often used in jewellery making.

Please bring: An organic object for creating a Lumen photogram. Please email Kate at katevanderdrift@gmail.com if you have any questions about the type of object that will work as a lumen print.
Shelley will provide Ginko leaves for electroplating. Participants can also bring along any small object they wish to plate with copper. Flowers, leaves, nuts, twigs and insects are all possible. Dried organic matter is best. Objects made with wood or clay are also good. Please email Shelley at shelley@shelleysimpson.co.nz if you would like to check the suitability of your object.

Optional to bring: Old BW darkroom paper (this is optional, Kate will provide paper but you may have paper you would like to use) and unused photo frames (to sandwich object to paper)  

This workshop is free. Register early as places are limited. We will take an afternoon tea break- refreshments will be provided.
15 person limit
RSVP via email to info@rm.org.nz

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